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    Inevitable rise in the price of handwoven scarves

    Dear friends, For years we were trying not to rise the prices of scarves hoping they will be affordable to a wide range of people. Now the moment has come, it is necessary in order to keep doing what we are doing. Everything is becoming more expensive – material (linen yarn), gasoline, electricity, posting, everything. Living is becoming more expensive. Nevertheless we want to weave, we want to make these unique scarves loved by so many people. And we will try to work in accordance with our consciousness, being fair to ourselves, our clients, nature, this world. All the best…

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    Market season finished!

    Hello, dear friends all around the world! Our market season this year is finished, time to start thinking about new scarves, new colours, inspirations… And time to start weaving inside. There are some new scarves added to…

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    Belgian TV!

    De vriendenkring van Kristien begint al aardig groot te worden maar… er kan er altijd nog eentje bij. En dus zoekt ze lustig verder naar mensen die ze beter wilt leren kennen. In Brugge ontmoet ze Leila.…