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Bruges (Brugge) in Belgium is one of our favorite towns,the historical center of which is a World Heritage Site of UNESCO. But it is not only the centuries old buildings, picturesque canals and all kinds of cultural events. The reason why we keep coming back there is the special atmosphere and people. Famous dog in Brugge Famous dog in BruggeStreet artists and musicians, tourists interflowing with local people, sounds of different kinds of concerts an festivals coming from all directions, local entrepreneurs going through their everyday routines, language mix, newlyweds photographed on bridges, horses, street cleaning, misty mornings, people from all over the world, bicycles, cafes and restaurants, little specialized shops, markets…… We could go on and on, listing all the things that create this special atmosphere you get addicted to.

Brugge Brugge The Venice of the North Brugge Brugge Brugge

Fishmarket (Vismarkt) of Bruges is also a special place. You cannot find much information about it anywhere or, if you find some, it is not exactly up to date. Yes, it is a market square, built in the beginning of the 19th century, they still do sell fish there on one corner in the mornings from Tuesday till Saturday. But for several years it is also a market of not only fish. Artists, craftsmen and different market people sell their or others’ creations here as well. It is a kind of a market community, organism living its own life, you can feel it pulsate, if you go there.

Yes, Bruges, this place is definitely addictive.

Scarves in Fishmarket Brugge Scarves in Fishmarket Brugge Scarves in Fishmarket Bruggea